Moving Right Along!

I’ve spent the last month-and-a-half refining our new website:

  • The toughest problem was to get functional and readable descendancy charts. I ended up using pre-formatted text. All the other available options were not stable. Even the HTML jumbled itself with multiple edits. Comments on the new format would be helpful.
  • I added the sidebar at the right which includes a language translation option. I am aware that, at least, English, Polish, German and French are required. Now we have all languages!
  • A major goal is that any member of the Mathia – Matthia family could search (magnifying glass at top) for a deceased grandparent and find their branch of origin in the family.

Entering the 100s of names to the descendancy charts remains the biggest chore. If anyone would be willing to help with a particular branch, I would certainly be grateful. It’s not hard to do, just a bit tedious. I can teach you how in just a few minutes.

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