Origin: Pomerania and Kuyavian Pomerania

Immigrants and Their Descendancies:


  1. Joseph and Marcyanna (Słomianka) Mathia and family
  2. Johann and Magdalena Susanna (Sroka) Mathia And family
  3. Kurt Albert Matthia

Joseph and Marcyanna (Słomianka) Mathia And Family:

Joseph is descended from Joannis (1732-1777) and Elisabeth (1736-1803) Mathia of Żalno, Tuchola, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Joseph and Theresa Mathia, January 13, 1902 (couple at left)
Leonard and Gertrude Mathia, March 1, 1930
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1-MATHIA Joseph +30.09.1836 Żalno, Tuchola, K-P oo14.01.1863 +14.10.1892
  SLOMIONKA Marcyanna
  2-MATHIA Joseph Johann *12.03.1871 Mala Komorza, Tuchel, K-P oo20.091.1897 +27.09.1931
    STROINSKI Theresa Anna
    3-MATHIA Leonard Alfred *27.08.1904 Berlin, WI oo01.03.1930 +11.04.1970
      LUKASZEWICZ Gertrude Frances
      4-MATHIA Robert Leonard *10.11.1935 Milwaukee, WI, U.S. oo07.06.1958 +11.03.2020
        MYSZEWSKI Marion Helen
Robert and Marion Mathia, June 7, 1958

Johann and Magdalena Susanna (Sroka) Mathia And Family:

Johann Mathia (1852-1939) is descended from Johann Matyia (~ 1771-1831) of Żalno, Tuchola, Bydgoszcz, Poland. Johann immigrated with the family from Poland in 1898 and settled in Chicago.

1-MATHIA Johann *04.02.1852 Żalno, Tuchola, K-P oo19.01.1874 +16.05.1939 Chicago, Cook, IL
  SROKA Magdalena Susanna
  2-MATHIA Jacob *22.11.1874 Żalno, Tuchola, K-P +12.01.1875
  2-MATHIA Catharine *10.03.1876 Żalno, Tuchola, K-P +20.03.1980 Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
    WAGNER George
  2-MATHIA Martin Vincent *19.07.1878 Żalno, Tuchola, K-P +11.04.1953 Plymounth, Marshall, IN, USA
  2-MATHIA Johanna *28.03.1880 Chojnice, P +27.11.1965 Mishawaka, St. Joseph, IN, USA
  2-MATHIA Peter Paul *28.06.1882 Chojnice, P +27.11.1965 Mishawaka, St. Joseph, IN, USA
    HARNETT Ona Marie
    3-MATHIA Tony Paul *24.04.1905 Illinois, USA +16.05.1966 South Bend, St. Joseph, IN, USA
      JOHNSON Edith P
  2-MATHIA Johann Julius *21.07.1884 Chojnice, P oo~1903 +30.07.1957 Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
    JACKOWSCI Francesca
    3-MATHIA Margaret Mary *18.11.1904 Streator, LaSalle, IL, USA oo04.06.1928 +19.06.1985
      HOLMES Wallace Wendell
    3-MATHIA Edward *21.03.1906 Kankakee, Kankakee, IL, USA 17.03.1996
    3-MATHIA Gladys *04.11.1907 Kankakee, Kankakee, IL, USA +07.07.1971
    3-MATHIA John Julius *28.09.1915 Kankakee, Kankakee, IL, USA +30.06.1996
      SABYL Ruby
    3-MATHIA Howard *07.11.1922 Kankakee, Kankakee, IL, USA +03.10.1972
  2-MATHIA Maria Eva *17.12.1886 Chojnice, P oo26.06.1909 +26.12.1916 Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
    TICHELAAR John Henry
  2-MATHIA Paul Johann *20.10.1889 Chojnice, P oo09.06.1915 +28.03.1989 Clearwater, Pinellas, FL, USA
    LINCK Mary Laura
    3-MATHIA Maria L *21.12.1917 New York City, NY, USA +11.03.2000
    3-MATHIA Charlotte E *07.01.1920 Hempstead, Nassau, NY, USA +12.05.1999
      BARBER William
    3-MATHIA Loyola G *14.09.1921 Hempstead, Nassau, NY, USA (living)
    3-MATHIA Irene Louise *07.01.1923 Hempstead, Nassau, NY, USA oo29.08.1948 +1998
      BESIG Joseph J
    3-MATHIA Joseph Paul *12.06.1924 Hempstead, Nassau, NY, USA +24.10.2009
      HOPE Kathleen
      KOCHEY Kathleen
    3-MATHIA Rita C *27.05.1926 Hempstead, Nassau, NY, USA +24.06.1994
    3-MATHIA Laura Joan *04.06.1928 Hempstead, Nassau, NY, USA oo25.09.1948 +26.05.2003
      FRANKENY Robert Ulrich
  2-MATHIA Agnes Elisabeth 05.06.195 Chojnice, P oo27.06.1914 Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
    RYAN Edward John

Kurt Albert Matthia:

Kurt Albert Matthia (1902-1987) is descended from Joannis (1732-1777) and Elisabeth (1736-1803) Mathia of Żalno, Tuchola, Bydgoszcz, Poland. Kurt immigrated from Poland in 1926 and married Margaret Dorothy Myer on 8 April 1929 in the Bronx, New York, New York. They lived in the city until 1944 when they moved to Westchester County, New York, first living in Yonkers and then in Mount Vernon. In 1969, they moved to Utah County in Utah. Kurt died 19 August 1987 in Pleasant Grove, Utah, Utah.

Kurt Albert Matthia and Margaret Dorothy Myer, 1933
               - See Descendancy Chart Formatting Notes Below -
1-MATTHIA Kurt Albert +03.12.1902 Kwidzyn oo08.04.1929 +19.08.1987
  MYER Margaret Dorothy
  2-MATTHIA Kurt Albert John *New York City (Living in Utah)
    WOHLRABE Sheela Rochelle
    3-Two living children of Kurt and Sheela were born in New York.
      One of the two presently lives in Turkey.
      The other lives in Texas.
    3-Six living children of Kurt and Sheela were born in Utah.
      Four of the six continue to live in Utah, one lives in Nevada,
      and one lives in Texas.
  2-MATTHIA Karen Margaret *Yonkers, New York (Living in Utah)
    ALAND Robert Wynn

Johann (John) Mathia (1870-1924)

Johann is descended from Franz Mathia, born about 1729 in Żalno, Tuchola, Poland. He immigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and married Rosalia Kedzierska.

               - See Descendancy Chart Formatting Notes Below -
1-MATHIA Johann *01.09.1870 Kiełpin, Tuchola, K-P oo08.11.1892 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA +07.04.1924
  2-MATHIA Clara *06.08.1893 Milwaukee, WI +??.03.1921
  2-MATHIA Helen *07.02.1895 Milwaukee, WI
  2-MATHIA Salomea Jadwiga *15.10.1896 Milwaukee, WI +08.07.1979
  2-MATHIAS Julius George *03.04.1898 Milwaukee, WI +28.07.1980 Baldwin Park, Los Angeles, CA
  2-MATHIA Henryk *07.01.1901 Milwaukee, WI +??.10.1966 Colorado Springs, CO
  2-MATHIA Edmund *20.06.1903 Milwaukee, Wisconsin +??.05.1973
  2-MATHIAS Irene *03.07.1905 Milwaukee, Wisconsin +31.10.2000
  2-MATHIA Eugene Arthur *09.12.1908 Milwaukee, Wisconsin +07.11.1988

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