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Descendancy Charts:

Descendants of Christian Matthia
Born 1715
1-MATTHIA Johann Jacob *~1695 Puberg
  2-MATTHIA Christian *04.09.1715 Puberg oo04.01.1749 +11.03.1760
    HOBLER Maria Margaretha
    3-MATTHIA Georg Heinrich *31.12.1752 Waldhambach oo25.11.1778 +10.12.1817
      HUSSONG Anna Magdalena
      4-MATTHIA Christian *18.08.1787 Waldhambach oo21.07.1808 +15.04.1810
        BIEBER Catharina Magdalena
        5-MATTHIA Christian *01.01.1810 Waldhambach oo24.06.1829
          MUGLER Christina
          6=MATTHIA Peter *17.02.1835 Hambach oo~1874 +01.08.1906
            CLOSE, Christina
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Descendants of Martin Mathia
born 1784
1-MATHIA Martin *1784 +1835
  HUBER Magdalena
  2-MATHIA Philipp *05.04.1812 Mackwiller +03.06.1867
    FRITZ Susanna
    3-MATHIA Karl *01.08.1847 Mackwiller +06.06.1905
      SCHNEPP Margaretha
      4-MATHIA Margarete *18.09.1872 Weislingen +00.06.1949 Sharon, Walworth, Wisconsin
        JUNG Philip
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      4-MATHIA Sophia *1874 Weislingen
      4-MATHIA Heinrich *1876 Weislingen +1881
      4-MATHIA Karolina *1879 Weislingen
      4-MATHIA Caroline *1880 Weislingen + 1996
      4-MATHIA Catherine *1882 Weislingen
      4-MATHIA Christina *1885 Weislingen
      4-MATHIA Catherine * 1887 Weislingen
      4-MATHIA Charlotte * 1891 Weislingen