Your Help is Needed!

Every child has a right to be born into a family that has a rich narrative!

“Use of Family Narratives
as a Tool of Effective Parenting,”
by Rakesh K. Maurya, abstract:

“Family narratives and reminisces can be effectively used by parents as a tool to help children develop self-concept. Family narratives are the way through which children and adolescents connect across generations to create self- identity. By anchoring oneself in family history, one develops a sense of place and security that may facilitate self-confidence and self-competence. In the modern world where nuclear family is the norm, parents need to ensure that family narratives are used effectively in helping children navigate through challenges of life. Parents and grandparents have to pay careful attention to family history and narratives; and put in efforts in developing strong family narratives to be shared with children.”

Because of this immeasurable value to new and old family members alike, we’ve been working the worldwide Mathia – Matthia Family history project for over 20 years. We are not asking for anyone’s money, only for you to share a small bit of your time and information so that we can connect our family members worldwide to the narratives of their ancestors in the shared FamilySearch Family Tree.

We believe we have a geographically based model that will work effectively. We’d like to share the vision with you. This website will identify Mathia – Matthia family members worldwide sorted by:

  • Continent
    • Country
      • State, Region, Province
        • Key deceased couples and individuals
          • Public and linked to detailed records in the FamilySearch Family Tree
          • Include when available migration information from place of birth to place of death
        • Living couples and individuals
          • By name only, with permission, or simply “living” without permission (those who desire could add contact information or links)
          • Include, when available, a link to an immediate deceased ancestor in the FamilySearch Family Tree

That is the core of the information we want to build on this web site. The formatting of the geographical, chronological and linking structure might change a bit as we get going, but that would be it. People included would be those who were born or adopted with the name, or who acquired it by marriage or name change.

As a start, I will put information on my family in the following areas that are linked to the designated pages (with links):

We, as the Mathia – Matthia Family Organization, invite you to message me with the family information that needs to be added to our geographical – chronological structure.

And if your name is Mathia or Matthia or any of the variants, but you don’t know how you fit, simply message me and I’ll try to help you find your roots.

Kurt Albert John Matthia

I thank you for all your loving help and so does my Tante Charlotte (1901-1999):

Tante Charlotte Matthia
Charlotte Frieda Matthia Schulz

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