Father’s Day Y-DNA Sale!

Father’s Day Sale at FamilyTreeDNA.com


The Y chromosome is passed from a father to all of his sons without being mixed with any of the mother’s DNA. The Y chromosome is recognizably unique for 10 generations despite slight generation to generation mutations.

The future of Mathia – Matthia research can be greatly brightened if men from the disparate branches of the family are tested. We will be able to tell whether the various branches are the result of migrations or are spontaneous, independent occurrences of the name.

“Family Finder” DNA is also called “Autosomal DNA.” It is less expensive, but not as useful for our purposes because in each generation only a random half of autosomal DNA comes from the father. The other half comes from the mother. Percentages are again halved in each successive generation. Within about five generations autosomal DNA is so diluted that it is of little use.

Questions are welcome and I’ll try to answer them as best I can.


The only provider of Y-DNA specific tests and a Y-DNA database that I am aware of is FamilyTreeDNA.com. I’d be very happy to learn of another provider because competition is good. In the meanwhile, to get dad a test, follow this LINK.

Happy Father’s Day!

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